Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm a terrible artist

In the days before I had consistently accessible technology in my classroom and could project images, either with an overhead projector or a computer projector, I attempted to draw things on the board. With practice, I've gotten better, but mostly it just resulted in students erupting in laughter and asking me what I was trying to draw. So it didn't work very well as a strategy for avoiding L1 use and getting students to make direct connections between the L2 and an image.

With current technology, this has gotten a lot easier, but you still can't always find every image you want for teaching, so if you're a skilled artist like me, you're just out of luck.

Looks like her, yes? And this is after lots of practice playing Draw Something.
Or maybe it looks more like this:

Which is what makes this library of images for foreign language teaching so amazing:

It's a repository of almost 500 illustrations created specifically for language teachers.

With many thanks to Lori Czerwionka for passing this great resource along!

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