Services offered

Need more help, or want to learn more?  I can help you with anything from a simple classroom activity to a full course redesign. Some examples of services I provide include:
  • Tutoring (Spanish educators only).  I'm not currently offering tutoring services; however, I would be happy to schedule one free consultation to help you strategize for the world language praxis exam.
  • Individual consultations. This could range from a 15-minute chat session to extensive involvement with designing and developing a course and/or materials at a rate of $40/hour. 
  • Workshops. I am available to give hands-on workshops about teaching with technology, either virtually or in person. 
  • Lesson plans and/or activities. Need a lesson plan or an activity? Just provide the topic, class size, and student language proficiency.  Learning objectives are also helpful, but not required. (Activities only available in Spanish and English. While I've studied various other languages, I feel confident that any attempt to design an activity in them would result in something disastrous, funny, or possibly both.) I have a number of materials that are available for free on my website.
  • Custom online content.  I have created a full set of mostly self-grading homework assignments in various subjects, including Elementary Spanish I, Elementary Spanish II, Spanish Grammar and Composition, Spanish Phonetics, and Spanish Linguistics. (Some questions are essay questions and are instructor-graded, but are completed and graded in the learning management system.)  I would be happy to modify this content or create custom content for Spanish courses over any topic at any level of instruction, including online assignments, instructional videos, handouts, and any other materials deemed useful by the instructor.
  • For more information, a work sample, or to find out about rates, please email me.